An understandable new world model

explains, how the universe is organized.


This new world picture solves 6

big problems of physics at one stroke,

presenting big black holes in the centers of

galaxies as destroyers, creators, renewers

of the star systems of the universe.


A white-beard-physicist, combining the pieces of the

puzzle in an innovative manner, solves the dark matter-

problem, together with another old galaxy-problem, at

one stroke (see:, while NASA

and Nobel-Laureate S. Ting, using the ISS in 2 billion

costing experiments, are still hunting on the riddle-

stuff, which they will never find. Surprise!


The new world model explains the beautiful form

of young galaxies you can observe in the sky. The new

world model predicts, that earth and universe will not die a thermal death, as predicted in the second theorem of Thermo-dynamics. We are lucky: this theorem is wrong. The model shows convincingly, that hot and cold regions are

created again and again. The cosmos oscillates.

Please criticize the new world model !

We want it to go through the fire of

expert checks.

AKT fire proof


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